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Offline and Product Creation is HUGE right now! …

Whether it’s Internet Marketers releasing their own products, or Offline Consultants helping business owners reach the next level, or even Offline Consultant helping sick and tired professionals with career change strategies such us product creation or book publishing…

*The Gold Hunter* features $2,065-worth of wisdom of 8 Top Marketing Masters including Mike Koenigs, Brendon Burchard, Pam Hendrickson and Paul Colligan, delivered in under 100 minutes via a VIDEO+SPEECH of my notes together with an accompanying PDF workbook.

The Program includes Insider Secrets and Uncensored Mastermind how to:

  • Create Own Freedom-Producing Product in 14 days for less than $100 dollars
  • or Build a $250,000+ Info-Marketing Empire Still This Year

The Result? Production and Successful Launch of the First game-changer Product.

The ingenious solutions in this program will get Your audience into an immediate action and either solve their debt crunch, deliver a cash infusion, solve many common business problems, build a list of high quality buyers, or ensure a strong monthly income with numerous income strategies.


The Gold Hunter – MAIN

  • 70% Commission
  • Dime-sale starting at $6.95 and increasing $0.50 every 3 sales up to $19.95
  • Included is a Camtasia Video of 52 PowerPoint Slides of my Notes (see demo at 05:30)
  • … featuring Audio Track of my reading the notes and commenting on them
  • Together with a PDF Workbook to follow-along and a list of relevant resources
  • Optional BONUS PDF “75 Ways to Get Traffic” in exchange for an honest testimonial
  • JV Link #1: Request Approval at:


For Greater Clarity – UPSELL 1

  • 50% Commission
  • Fixed Price of $14.95
  • PROFESSIONALLY Transcribed Notes – searchable and more readable (see demo)
  • MP3 Podcast in 3 files for easy listening on home stereo, on the go, or in the car
  • JV Link #2: Request Approval at:


How Is It Done? – UPSELL 2

  • 50% Commission
  • Fixed Price of $29.95
  • My Full Disclosure WSO Walk-through – The Making of The WSO¬† (see demo)
  • … featuring content creation, monetization strategies, enrolling Top JV’s, technical details
  • JV Link #3: Request Approval at:


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