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The Gold Hunter includes Insider Secrets and Uncensored Mastermind how to:

  • Improve Your Marketing and Get a Steady Stream of Clients Who WANT To Buy From You
  • Create Your Own Freedom-Producing Product in as little as 14 days and only $100 dollars
    (even if it’s your first one)
  • or Build a $250,000+ Info-Marketing Empire Still This Year

This is HOW the Pros turn their knowledge and expertise into online digital products that let’s them enjoy 6 months of vacation time per year.

This program, reviewed by Newbie and Expert warriors alike, has MANY ANSWERS that will take you from a broke newbie to day-job-replacing income or even higher in less than a month – Nothing Held Back! Demo Video is below…




businessmanFellow Warriors:

In February 2013 I took a trip to San Diego California for Mike Koenig’s Author Expert Marketing Machines conference with the objective to hunt down some serious Marketing Strategies.


I’ve been to a lot of Marketing Seminars, but I have NEVER seen anything like this before.

First off, it was PACKED! At least 600 people attended the entire 3-day-long event.
Second, all the Marketing Masters there were sharing their BS – that’s BEST STUFF!!

  • Mike Koenigs, Brendon Burchard
  • Pam Hendrickson, Paul Colligan
  • Dean Hyers, Ed Rush, Bo Eason
  • just to name the superstars…

General Seating Tickets were $995, plus my $550 flight and about $520 for the Hotel – that’s $2065 plus food and incidentals — and it was the best money I have ever spent!

Now, one thing about me is that together with my Computer Science degree and 5+ years Online, my biggest strength is taking high quality notes with Pro’s perspective – here 52 pages worth.


Some of the Topics Covered Include:

  • How to Bullishly Capture Contact Information of nearly Entire Seminar Audience
  • What “Marketing” really is – knowing this will make you Unbelievably HUGE in Your Niche
  • Simple Formula to calculate Your Consulting Rate – Charge $10K with a straight face
  • $500-dollars in 30-minutes “Foot-In-The-Door” services that Raise your Value substantially
  • What do Offline Clients need Right Now and which Major Industries to Rally After first
  • 6-7 figures: Overcome Common Roadblocks, activate your Ambition Arc, and 5 P’s (pg.15)
  • Amazing way to Create Your Products that’s Easy for you and Customers simply Love
  • What you absolutely Must Focus On in the near future – prepare now and Cash In Big Time
  • Which Perfect Topic should you pick first to keep things Simple and just Get Started
  • What crucial Detail to include in your message to Win the Hearts of your Customers for Life
  • Instantly Conquer your Fears and Kill Procrastination – brilliant solutions on p. 26, 38, 50
  • How can Lions in Africa help your Offline business – it’s funny, but it makes total sense!

Plus Even More Gold in Add-Ons and Bonuses:

  • Blueprints and Technical Details for creating Gold Content including Bestselling Topics
  • How to Track and Protect your Links so that you know What’s Hot, and what’s “Too Hot”
  • 5 “Shameless” Monetization Strategies based on Internet Marketing Millionaire Mindset
  • Ways to get Rave Reviews as well as Priceless Guidance from Successful Marketing Experts
  • Strategies for Finding and Befriending Gold JV Partners – even 30 Quality JV’s in 7 Days!
  • Plenty of Verbatim Emails and Swipe Files, Ongoing Updates, and so much much more…


I’m telling you right now…

“This Product is 1000 Times Better than the Front Row In the VIP Section!”

vip-seatingIt has absolutely the PUREST GOLD CONTENT you can put to good use immediately! The best part is that you can digest it all from your home or your car in only 1/20 of the time.

That’s 32 HOURS compressed down to 100 MINUTES!

I am offering them to you for only about 1% of what I paid, because I want to give back to the Warrior Forum community.

And I’m not kidding about the “pure gold” claim. Check out what people are saying about my Video+Audio+PDF notes:

Quote: Originally Posted by Don Schenk

DonOMG Kamil,

There is a boatload of great information in here.

People who were at the seminar can use a better set of notes, and those who wanted to attend, but could not, will want these for sure. The wealth of ideas in here makes The Gold Hunter a very good reminder of strategies to use for any intermediate level to advanced level Marketer.

Roadmap to 6-7 figures
Platform (5 P’s)
Low end products $20 – $100
High end products $500 – $5,000
Master class
Coaching / Certification Strategies
Do-It-With-Me or Do-It-For-Me Model
Speaking, Seminars, Webinars
Udemy, Clickbank, Marketing Machines, …

If you are newer to Marketing, everything you need to do is included. Think of it as the knowledge you want to possess.

Quote: Originally Posted by themusiccoach

MusicCoachPersonally, what I like about this is that
we get the meat only which is plenty.

Way Way more than you get in any 5 given Products, because they typically follow the standard version of the ¾ Novel and ¼ New Take.

Because of the format I feel like I’m getting what I need. Most I will come back for because there is SO MUCH OF IT!

Seriously, there is like weeks worth of info here.

That’s just a few of the testimonials I read through. But frankly, if those comments from people just like you don’t make you excited, you might want to CHECK YOUR PULSE!

The best part of all this is that The Gold Hunter has just gone live and the faster you get it, the MORE AHEAD YOU WILL BE of others who also grab this information.


“Master Marketers Share Massive
Amounts of Content to Make You
More Money and Sell More Products”

If I had to guess THREE things about you, here’s what they’d be:

  • You’ve invested a TON of money in other Marketing products (and have nothing to show for it), OR hours of time into trial-and-error (and you keep getting bumped to the beginning)…
  • You don’t have a huge list (or that list isn’t responsive), or you don’t have offline clients (or those you have keep demanding more work for no or little money)…
  • And you still don’t have your own product to sell, don’t WANT to make your own product to sell, or if you DO have one, it’s not selling very well.

Does that sound familiar?

Well, this is where I was until I attended this event. But not any longer…

Now I know exactly what to do, and where to get help that’s win-win-win for everyone.

And so can you…

“This Information Will Allow You to
Finally Make the Money You Deserve,
EVEN If You Currently Don’t Have A List,
A Budget, A Product of Your Own, or
Even a SINGLE JV Partner!”

The Notes are synthesized by an Experienced Entrepreneur into 52 pages of Pure and Immediately Actionable Gold of Winning Strategies in an Easy to Digest Audio, Video and PDF formats – Just the stuff that matters! Everything you need is here.. and more!

The Gold Hunter will save you a ton of time and money!

With the included SECRET SAUCE you will be able to create your product in as little as 14 days for less than a $100 dollars (even if it’s your first one) or Build a $250,000+ Info-Marketing Empire Still This Year.

Gold-HunterIn fact, this information (more so than the event itself) is single-handedly responsible for me getting off my butt and getting this product done... plus all the back-end details that are so crucial to the successful launch.

They don’t call me The GOLD HUNTER for nothing! My detailed self-improvement website has caught the attention of the Oprah Winfrey Network and they contacted me for an interview on TV.

What I specialize in is I first hunt down the PURE GOLD information, then I test it myself to see if it can be implemented easily, and finally I write about it in as practical terms as possible. The optional GOLD HUNTER HOW-TO WALKTHRU Report available at the checkout is just like that.


So right now you might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • If the event happened in February, is this information still valid?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Some of the information has a shelf-life of about 1.5 years, but most forms a solid foundation that’s timeless and applicable any time and in any niche. Seriously, The Gold Hunter even includes information that was first written by Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” and is taught right now by the biggest self-improvement gurus. Pam Hendrickson used to actually work for Anthony Robbins, so she’s sharing many insider secrets that made them so successful.

  • Is this information really enough to achieve what you promise?

AGAIN – YES! All the information, resources, and the optional reports will allow you to have your product done under about $100 and 14 days. Even if you need to purchase some stock photos and a couple of fiverr gigs, and take your time because you have to work or whatever – then just double the numbers to $200 and 28 days or even 2 months, but don’t tell me it isn’t worth the few bucks to finally get ahead and break free of the time-for-peanuts slavery.

  • What about quality? Can I read your handwriting?

All my stuff is always high quality – to the point that sometimes I waste a lot of time on perfection, which is my weakness. All the reviewers who sent me feedback say they can read my handwriting and enjoy my voice. But just for the few of you that insist on the typed up notes, the TRANSCRIPTION is available together with a Podcast MP3, so you can listen to it on the go or in your car. But hey, if you don’t believe me, just check out this demo (the Notes are at 05:30):

Note: The 5 P’s and other points are all explained in the program


Here’s what you’re getting in my Gold Hunter Product:

  • An MP4 Video of 52 slides of my Clearly Handwritten Notes
  • My Reading of the notes as the Audio Track within that video
  • A PDF Workbook to print out, follow along, and highlight important parts
  • A PDF with Relevant Resources that assisted me in the making of this Product
  • Valuable BONUSES absolutely free: 5 Day Product Creation, IM Mindset, and more!
  • Optional BONUS “75 Ways to Get Traffic” in exchange for an honest testimonial
  • Optional Typed Up Transcription PDF of the Notes + On-the-Go MP3 Podcast (upsell 1)
  • Optional “Making Of The Gold Hunter” PDF – A step-by-Step Plan for Go-Getters (upsell 2)

The seminar notes contain enough pure gold for you to make massive changes in your Business (online or offline), but if you’ve been wanting to create your own wallet bursting Product, the Seminar Notes + “The Making Of..” PDF form a deadly combination with which you cannot fail.

With all this, you will have all the know-how to make your next BIG product happen, especially if you’ve been stalling with it for years and beating yourself up for it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Don Schenk
DonThe bonuses are worth more than the price of admission especially the stuff for planning and developing your business. Go ahead. Get it. The price is right, and going up every day.

This is my first major Product, so trust me, if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Results and Proof?

After a few online flops and struggles, I decided to do it right!

The Gold Hunter, which is the product of the product in itself and thus a PROOF, forms the perfect foundation for all my great products to come.

It is the Wisdom of Life that says: “Words don’t teach, Experience teaches.”

I am on my way to Online Greatness and I made sure for The Gold Hunter to bring you to the same conclusion. Once you’re done with The Gold Hunter, you will be on your way to a great new life!

I Guarantee It!

Quote: Originally Posted by Eliana Galager
ElianaI feel like I’ve sneaked into the back row of someplace where I’m not supposed to be! I am still going through the main video, making more notes, backing up and listening again.

There is so much in here that just doesn’t lend itself to a typical information product, like how to make your personal story resonate and how to leverage TV and public speaking appearances.

This is a treasure trove of sharing among internet marketing experts. Kamil has provided the “Cliff notes” which are often enough to pass the course without sitting through all the time fillers.

It’s too bad that most folks will go through this material and never act on the information. Kamil lays bare all the tools that successful Internet marketers use to leverage their time and their resources for maximum profit.

One of my biggest takeaways is how financially rewarding it can be to simply help people in a valuable way.

Thank you Kamil – because that is exactly what you’ve done with this Product. Much Success!

When you get The Gold Hunter, you will unleash:

“New Beginnings, Change In Direction,
Brilliant Ideas & Create New Movement
In Your Life – Here’s the Power to Bring
the Things You Want Into Your Reality!”

Keep focusing on your goals while you listen to The Gold Hunter and then just make it happen!

You CAN do it and you DO know enough! This is your time and YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!


Add To Cart

Quote: Originally Posted by themusiccoach

MusicCoachI love The Gold Hunter, because I’ve never gone to any event like this. It made me feel the vibes like I was there.

Also, I like how you interject more of yourself into this when you make comments about becoming more spiritual or doing this or asking this person to lunch.

The most important piece of all of this – “What do clients NEED right now” – That alone is worth the price!

Plus what is the foundation of everything I should do in my business and the search engine for buyers…

Or what made one speaker stand out from the others. This piece may have been the most actionable and changeable in the whole deal! I really thought it was gutsy and I could feel it where it counted.


There is no doubt in my mind that these “Notes” are worth at least 100 TIMES THE PRICE, and I can confidently say that you will find at least one $1 million dollar idea that will take your business to the next level. This is totally worth the measly few bucks to get these notes in your hands.

“But ACT FAST! This is a Dime Sale
and the Price is Going Up Every Sale!
Here’s Why…”

Entrepreneurs who succeed are like TIGERS – they see something they want, they POUNCE on it.

They make six or seven figures by being absolute HUNTERS when it comes to finding and acting on the best opportunities they find.

I want to reward you for having the same Gold Hunter mindset as I do, and acting FAST. So the faster you act, the LOWER the price will be.

This version of The Gold Hunter is a pilot trial at a greatly discounted price. I WILL be re-releasing a production version in a few weeks at a regular price of $97 or $197 or even more…

So I urge you to grab your copy RIGHT NOW before the price starts to rise – by a lot.

I promise, you’ll be glad you did.
Add To Cart

“One More Thing… Here’s a
100% Risk Free Guarantee!”

I’m going to offer an absolute, no-questions-asked 60 DAYS GUARANTEE on The Gold Hunter. I’m already using much of the gold from this program, and I know you can too.

Take this information, use it, refer back to it again and again, and if you seriously don’t find even a single golden nugget in the whole thing, or you’re just plain not satisfied for any reason at all, just let me know, and I’ll give you a FULL REFUND.

There… all the risk is on me.

So, now you have a choice to make:

  • You can go back to browsing some other shiny objects…
  • You can promote someone else’s product and make just a few bucks if any
  • You can keep being just another anonymous Internet Marketer barely making a living
  • You can continue chasing clients and hope they will use your services for a discounted price


“You Can Cut Through All the BS
and Wasted Time, and Make 2013
The Year You Crush It BIGGER Than
You Ever Thought Possible!

Hit the Buy button now and change your life forever!

There it is, guys… PM me if you have any questions, or just post them to the thread and I’ll respond as fast as I can!

If you need technical or billing support, please open a support ticket at:

All the best,

Kamil (HealthMan)


P.S. Here are few more pieces of feedback about The Gold Hunter:

Quote: Originally Posted by Don Schenk
Got it, and gave a quick glance to about 20 pages.
It looks good, and I can read your handwriting. Nobody can read mine. You have a great voice for audio. It is very pleasant to listen to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pss777

As for the audio, it’s easy and clear to understand….

Quote: Originally Posted by chocobo244

This content talks about offline consulting and road map to 6-7 figures of the business.

The most interesting part for me is the marketing for leads section, for example, the Platform – Who are you, what are you known for, and how are you positioned.

Also ideas on guest posting, linkedin, chamber of commerce and important steps of what you need to do.

I would recommend the purchase of The Gold Hunter as HealthMan gives you valuable insights to improve your business further.

Quote: Originally Posted by themusiccoach

We are all in this together and yet we are all in this looking for water from a well. Do we approach it like it will run dry? Or like Brendon based on Healthman’s recap do we get that it is there to be given away… for the benefit of all?

Plus that Tesla Roadster certainly is proof that something that he is doing is having an effect. I mean I think we all should own one and I like people that don’t hide behind things, it’s all about helping others.

Quote: Originally Posted by ShakeHandsOnline
Kamil, I appreciate the opportunity to obtain this information. This is certainly a well respected group and a great way to learn some new techniques, network, and meet good people. I have learned a lot from many of these same people over the years.

I purchased immediately and I am glad I did!
Great Information! Nice Work! And As Always… Life Is Good…

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