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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman Testimonial for Lifestyle Management Life Coaching

Kamil is one of the most ambitious people I have ever met in terms of personal development.  He digests information and applies what he learns as easily as breathing. Ask him any question and he answers with an honest sincerity that is very rare now a days.  He is completely open minded and willing to try everything that may be of benefit to himself or others. He has great judgment and is very realistic and practical.  If he cannot do something, he will let you know and on top of that, go out of his way to research and come up with a way to make the impossible possible.

Kamil is always willing to help others and is very supportive. He is self-motivated and extremely focused when accomplishing any task at hand. He is also easy to talk to when it comes to needing someone that will be non-judgmental and understanding of your situation. Kamil never turns away from a challenge and is always willing and wanting to learn more. Whenever there is something that he does not understand, he’ll dive into his own research and will ask questions until he understands. Kamil is extremely computer literate, trustworthy and honest.

Kamil illustrates different types of strengths that reside within each of us, and how we can access them when we need to change what no longer fits in our lives. He awakens the desire to identify with our own spirituality, and explore, recognize and initiate within ourselves that, which will bring us happiness.

Feedback and Testimonials

I tried again to apply your exercise in a difficult situation and IT WORKED! I even found an interesting solution, little funny, but I will try. Thanks! It’s a great way out from difficult situations that cause big stress.

Thank you for your beautiful story. That was a huge help. You’re the best!

You totally made my quite otherwise dehumanizing Monday not even affect me 🙂 I am honored, seriously, because as you said I am new in this arena. New usually equals too many issues! I have to learn. Thank you.

Just one more thing… I’m so happy that you’re in my life. You truly motivate me! 😉

You’re God-sent! I’m so happy you’re supporting me.

I was overwhelmed as what to do with my first day back, but now have a direction (thanks to you, my friend!).

I had to let you know that your last email opened my eyes about something. (Thank you so much!).

Thank you for being in my life and also open my mind and challenge me too. I wish you all your heart’s desire and also inspirations of dreams because through dreams are were ideas come from. Without dreams, life would be really really plain and I know your dreams are crazy wonderful, colourful, and magical.

I’m still trying to clear clutter in my house. It’s taking me a long time, but I would really like it if we can get stuff to bless and cleanse my bedroom.

We had a really relaxing time with you at the cottage. Thanks for the great conversation yesterday. You really made me think about some things…………

Woot! So I’m not so usually quick with the emails, but that was kinda super awesome! When can we do it again?

Your positive attitude and persistent going forward no matter what is inspirational.

You are 1 of 2 people I know that does [the spiritual services] with such care and intensity.

Yes I always feel better after we meet. (this morning when I got up I was feeling a little down).

I’m very happy I added you because you seem to be a wonderful person. What you did for Christmas is something I will love to do and will do with my life…. Thank you for reminding me of something that is dear to my heart Thank you.

It seems you did something very good these last days as you’re doing “absolutely fantastic” ;). You don’t stop kidding me in saying that I’m cool, nice, holy etc 🙂

Nice to meet another “wellness” believer.

I feel a lot better after talking to you.

You’re so insightful and it is super awesome to hear your viewpoints.

You seem to be a wealth of knowledge.

You write very well and provide me with many interesting insights, so thank you for that!

You’re the Man, I will never forget you.

You read my mind, what are you, psychic or one of those?

Only you and another guy I train out of 30 of my clients are so driven and progress so fast.

I tell other clients that I have this one guy who takes anything I throw at him, and he doesn’t puke.

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