Happiness Life Coaching

-- as featured in the Life Story Project on the Oprah Winfrey Network
Certified Life Coaching - Health, Wellness, Fitness, Energy

Health, Fitness, Energy, Youthing

Look and Feel Your Best

Lose Weight, Get Fit and Healthy, Take on Life with Vitality and Enthusiasm!
Focusing mainly on healthy, natural and holistic ways, address any aches or pains or blocks that may be sabotaging your health efforts, release weight and tone up the smart and enjoyable way, restore or enhance your natural self-confidence, boost your energy and bring back the feeling of being alive, improve health and performance of your brain, or initiate your body's self-healing and youthing abilities, and much more.

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Certified Life Coaching - Relationships, Emotions, Passion

Relationships, Emotions, Passion

Fulfill Your Heart's Desires

Get More Dates, Find Your Soul Mate, Heal Relationship with Your Family or Self!
Take advantage of the open, friendly, caring, compassionate, private and confidential opportunity to explore, clarify and improve your emotional well-being. Feel at ease discussing just about any topic including business, family and personal relationships, your relationship with yourself including healing shame or guilt, enjoying love adventures including tantra and blissful O's, and at last finding your happiness.

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Certified Life Coaching - Money, Wealth, Business, Legacy

Money, Career, Business, Freedom

Live the Way You Want To

Start a Business (or 10X it), Get a New Career (or a Raise), Retire Wealthy ASAP!
Modern way of earning money follows a win-win-win philosophy. When you do what you love and you do it well, your customers and suppliers benefit, and so do you. Brainstorm your ideal career or business and start it most effectively, or explore ideas for working from home on the Internet, or discover other little known secrets of passive income and wealth strategies including in the Spiritual New Age domain.

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Certified Life Coaching - Spirituality, Magic, Peace of Mind

Spirituality, Truth, Purpose, Peace

Meld with the Divine 24/7

Boost Intuition and Synchronicities, Be Whole and Balanced, Stay Young!
Experience the magic and loving guidance of the Angelic team, connect with the healing power within your own DNA, master meditation to hear nudges on the path to your Life Purpose and fulfillment, raise your vibration above recurring negative patterns to live in peace without stress or fear, learn the ultimate truth, master your ability to manifest miracles, and fast track your ascension to being your True Self.

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About the Founder

Kamil C. Kowalski – author, speaker, certified life coach and entrepreneur – inspires and empowers thousands of people to take immediate action steps to enjoy more fulfilling lives. His new career began when he was blessed to receive a second chance in life after surviving a serious skiing accident, which prompted him to completely overhaul his life. Click here to read more >>>

"Kamil illustrates different types of strengths that reside within each of us, and how we can access them when we need to change what no longer fits in our lives. He awakens the desire to identify with our own spirituality, and explore, recognize and initiate within ourselves that, which will bring us happiness."

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